Barista Of The Week… Ed Santos

Barista of the Week… Edrick Santos
Barista & Owner at
In The Annex
35 Ross Street, Forest Lodge

The Coffee Guide (TCG): What coffee do you use at work?
Ed: Our coffee is roasted by Umami Coffee Roasters.  We have a milk based espresso blend comprising of Ethiopian Guji, Brazil Darerra, Sumatra Blue Battak and Indian Mysore Nuggets. We also get seasonal single origin or small batch blends for black coffee.

TCG: If you weren’t a barista what would you be?
Ed: I’d love to say I’d be a famous film director, but chances are my claim to fame would be that Spielberg said of my work was that it was “not the worst thing he’d ever seen!”.

TCG: What’s the best thing about your job- the one thing that you really love aside from the coffee?
Ed: I honestly love finding out about people, about their lives and why they do what they do. It’s like a 2minute relationship that for many of my customers has lasted for years.

TCG: What is your favourite music? (For work or for play).
Ed: I’m really into a lot of Australian music lately like George Maple, Tiger Choir, Oliver Tank, Ghostwood, Chet Faker, Lily So & The Bellows, Caitlin Park, Emma Davis, Little May. Actually look at the acts in Spleandour for the last 5 years, take out the international acts and Wolfmother, and that’s my list!

TCG: Tell us what your best (or first) coffee experience was.
Ed: I remember going to Mountain Top coffee plantation in Nimbin years ago to see the then current world barista champion Gwilm Davies. He’s so down to earth about what he does and was able to break down his journey and ideology of coffee.

TCG: If you’re not drinking coffee, what is your drink of choice?
Ed: Umm… water to cleanse the palate for the next coffee.

TCG: Who would make a better coffee; King Kong or Godzilla?
Ed: Well King Kong has opposable digits, but Godzilla is Japanese… so Godzilla.

TCG: Where has your coffee making taken you?
Ed: We’ve traveled once from Auckland to Wellington stopping by all the roasteries. Also traveled to the USA to discover all it had to offer, before working in London for a little bit.

TCG: As a barista, what’s your next big plan?
Ed: We’ve just opened ‘In The Annex’, so the present is the current and future ‘big thing’!

TCG: Do you have any pets?
Ed: I have a rabbit named Pedro.

TCG: What did you do on your last day off?
Ed: Day off…?

TCG: In a good cup of coffee, how much of it is due to the barista and how much is due to
the beans?
Ed: Baristas are the last variable to the end product, but they can only work with what they have. The reverse is also the same, so each has equal responsibility.

TCG: What is your favourite kind of tea?
Ed: We have an awesome ‘sin-cha’ first harvest green tea by Ttotaler, which is one of the finest teas I’ve ever had!

TCG: Where do you see alternate brewing methods going?
Ed: Espresso was devised arguably in the late 1800s – early 1900s as a pressurized way to extract coffee. Before this time though there have always been other methods of extraction. These days’ good cafes are looking at other brewing methods with a more scientific eye. By measuring and recording our findings we have developed results we can replicate for customers. What this means is that we are receiving the actual taste this coffee / roast has to offer and by revisiting these alternative brewing methods more scientifically we can develop machines to help get very interesting results. It’s almost like what the wave of gastronomy did for cooking.

TCG: What ever happened to the Clover?
Ed: I believe the cost of the clover was too high when other methods such as a v60 pour over gave, I think, better results for a fraction of the hardware set up.

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