Barista Of The Week… Sandra Mon

Barista of the Week… Sandra Mon,
Barista at Parlour Lane Roasters,
49 Market Street, Sydney

The Coffee Guide (TCG): What coffee do you use at work?
Sandra: Allpress coffee.

TCG: If you weren’t a barista what would you be?
Sandra: A makeup artist.

TCG: How do you have your coffee at home? How do you make it and how do you take it?
Sandra: Strong flat white, with a bit of sugar.

TCG: What’s the best thing about your job- the one thing that you really love aside from the coffee?
Sandra: The customers and the people I work with.

TCG: What is your favourite music? (For work or for play).
Sandra: R’n’b and dance music.

TCG: If you’re not drinking coffee, what is your drink of choice?
Sandra: Coke- because I can’t stay away from caffeine.

TCG: Do people often try and chat you up at work? Have you ever taken the offer up?
Sandra: Yes, 2-3 times a week and just once.

TCG: What food do you think is the best compliment to a really great coffee?
Sandra: Biscotti, because you can dip it into your coffee and it still tastes like a nice coffee.

TCG: How many coffees would you make in the average day?
Sandra: I don’t know how many I make, I only know by how many kilograms I use… and we use approximately 9 kilograms in a day.

TCG: What’s the largest amount of coffees you have made in a day?
Sandra: 13 kilograms.

TCG: In a good cup of coffee, how much of it is due to the barista and how much is due to the beans?
Sandra: 80% barista and 20% coffee beans.

TCG: Is decaf a dirty word?
Sandra: It depends on the reason.

TCG: What is your favourite kind of tea?
Sandra: Monk black tea.

TCG: What is your favourite alternate brewing method?
Sandra: Plunger coffee.

TCG: Will other methods fade away?
Sandra: No, I don’t think they will.

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