Market Lane’s Rosettas for Relief – 30th of March

Market Lane is hosting another Rosettas for Relief, this time for the tragedies happening in Japan at the moment. The format will be very similar to last time, with 32 of Melbourne’s finest baristas competing for all of the glory.

It’s on the 30th of March, next Wednesday night, and we’d love to see you there. It is a 6.30pm show for a 7.30pm throw.

Please join us for beers, fun and shenanigans on the night. And, if you would like to enter the competition please email for a place, or purchase an entry on our website here:

We’ve made a $10 entry fee for this competition, this is solely to raise more money for charity and to ensure baristas who enter the comp show up on the night:) We will also be selling beers on the night and Monk’s famous cupcakes will also be featured!

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