Shop 2/30 Atchison Street, St Leonards, NSW, 2065

St Leonards is fast becoming Sydney’s latest urban cafe quarter. With each new opening, cafes on the parallel strips of Chandos and Atchison Streets are raising the stakes by using speciality coffee or offering expansive, diverse menu choices, and The Moody Chef is no exception.

Situated on a corner, the cafe is hard to miss as the collective hum of ambient music and chatter pour through its opened glass doors. Locals and business types happily share the venue to experience its changing seasonal menu or simply enjoy a coffee on the communal bench.

Our coffees are delivered almost as soon as we’ve ordered them. The short black is vibrant, oily, light and summery. Its aroma is strong enough to reach us even before our cups do. The flat whites are a flood of chocolate butter that ends with an elegant, short finish.

While crowded at times, locals are happy to queue briefly in line… and so are we.

+612 9438 4681

Trading Hours
mon - fri: 6am - 5pm saturday & sunday closed

Cafe: 16/25
Coffee: 16/25


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2 Responses to THE MOODY CHEF

  1. Julie says:

    User Review:
    Cafe Score: 22/25
    Coffee Score: 21/25

  2. Mario says:

    User Review:
    Best coffee on northside by far. Great service in a cool space..

    Coffee type: Vittoria
    Cafe Score: 25/25
    Coffee Score: 25/25

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