Would you like bubbles with that?

When Keith Reay of Bean Drinking in Crows Nest donated cold-drip coffee to a walking group as an energy drink substitute, he didn’t expect it to lead to a new beverage.

“They were mixing it with still water and that’s when we decided to start playing around with it.” Says the specialty coffee enthusiast.

The end result is a bottled, lightly sparkling cold-drip coffee: a refreshing caffeine kick.
“We actually tried the extraction process using carbonated water,” he chuckles, “but it does really weird things.”

He eventually added sparkling water to shots of cold-drip coffee to get the best result.
“You get a wider range of flavours, because the oils left in the molecules are popping and fizzing on the tongue.”

And he’s not alone in serving fizzy coffee. The team at Coffee Alchemy in Marrickville served a sparkling cold-drip this summer as an alternative beverage to creamy, sweetened iced coffee.
“It really preserved the flavours of the individual coffees.” Says Alchemy’s Hazel de los Reyes. She notes that they choose to carbonate the coffee themselves, as the sodium content in sparkling water can mess with the flavour balance.

At Campos in Newtown they’ve been serving sparkling long blacks since 2007, but with a difference. “You need really cold sparkling water with [hot] espresso poured and floated on top.” Comments Campos’ Will Young, noting that it creates another kind of coffee experience. “And you need to drink it quickly.”
Summer might be tapering off- but there’s still a few warmer days left to try your coffee with added fizz

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