Cool coffee makes its debut at Mecca

Breville last week launched its much-anticipated espresso machine, the Dual Boiler BES900, at one of Sydney’s coolest cafes, Mecca Espresso in Ultimo.

Representing a leap in domestic coffee appliance technology, the Dual Boiler has a number of features to ensure precise temperature control and pressure throughout the extraction process. It essentially brings the benefits of large-scale commercial machines into a ‘home-friendly’ footprint at an affordable price.

Breville head of design and innovation, Richard Hoare said there was an ever-growing number of passionate coffee enthusiasts who would appreciate the well-featured, high performance of the Dual Boiler while consideration was also given to simplifying the process of achieving a cafe-quality espresso at home.

World and Australian champion baristas were among the 60 guests who also comprised industry leaders from the coffee trade, retailers and selected media.

In welcoming his guests to his cafe, co-owner Sam Sgambellone said he and his team of professionals were excited about the new Breville espresso machine and the great potential it had for consumers to produce quality coffee at home.

Australian barista champion and Belaroma Coffee Ambassador, Scottie Callaghan commented: “I have been thoroughly impressed with all the R & D Breville has put into this machine. It is clear they are not compromising on what they are trying to achieve and I think many coffee aficionados will appreciate that. And personally, I am looking forward to giving her a road test!”

Also impressed was Dennis Wells, owner of Cuppacoffee café. He is installing 10 Breville Dual Boiler espresso machines to train baristas at his soon to be launched training facility. “I had the benefit of seeing the machine a couple of months ago and I was so impressed with it I’ve been singing its praises. Some people found my praise difficult to believe, but at the launch event, a lot of jaws dropped.”

The new Breville Dual Boiler ™ (BES900) espresso machine will be available instores from July – $1,500 RRP.

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