32 City Road, Chippendale, NSW, 2008

Toby's Estate

With views of the of Victoria Park and Sydney University’s sandstone faculties, Toby’s feels a little like an English estate. However, the stream of cars, bikes, trucks, scooters, pedestrians, and the occasional plane outside will soon jar you back into reality: we’re just a short bus ride from the CBD.

Coffee-themed distractions, include beans, espresso machines and cups, and loose-leaf tea, as well as more interesting gadgets like the coffee syphon. The staff – dressed in black to match the coffee cups – flit about offering service, expertise and plenty of smiles.

My cappuccino is a little hot, but the espresso delivers a zing of vibrant, lemony flavours, with a zesty jolt that mellows out into a rounded aftertaste. With a large open kitchen churning out breakfast and lunch classics, ample tunes and the views and distractions to catch the eye, you can sit and soak up the atmosphere for ages.


Trading Hours
mon – fri: 7am – 4pm sat – sun: 8am – 4pm

Cafe: 21/25
Coffee: 20/25

Toby’s Estate

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