Level 2 Westfield, Macqurie Street, Liverpool, NSW, 2170

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+612 9602 7150

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2 Responses to THE BEAN BAG

  1. Christian Muller says:

    User Review:
    It’s often hard to find a nice cafe in a shopping center, but with The Bean Bag it’s not only the best cafe in the center it’s also the best cafe in Liverpool hands down! It’s kiosk and own seating arrangement somehow offers a warm relaxed feel in a rather busy environment. My cappuccino is nice and hot and presented with a fern, the froth is thick and silk-like, the double shot reg size is smooth and full flavored with a lovely nutty cocoa aftertaste. It’s rather refreshing to see the south west getting it together when it comes to coffee culture. The Bean Bag ticks all the boxes and makes you look forward to your next visit.

  2. Luke says:

    Best coffee in SW Sydney. They use Tobys Estate and they really know how to make their coffees so smooth! Even my wife thinks its the closest coffee shes had to good Melbourne coffee. Definetly go check it out if you like your coffee

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