Shop 6/224 St Georges Road, Northcote, VIC, 3070

Northcote Coffee Bar is not here to excite you. Nor to romanticise your Saturday morning. And it’s certainly not here to provide a cosy place to linger over a lazy latte or three. It’s here to serve a need. The cafe consists of a main-road shop offering a small range of standard meals (ham, cheese and tomato croissants, or a selection of freshly made panini) and good coffee. Nothing more, nothing less.

Attention to interior design is negligible: polished concrete floor, bland furniture, off-white mosaic splashback, and a combination of sliding glass doors and a low ceiling that seems to amplify every car speeding by. But if you’re in one of said cars and hankering for a quick bite or quality caffeine hit, then screech to a halt right here.

The coffee has a pleasing weight to it; the dense, golden crema and full-bodied espresso combine to deliver a well-balanced short black with citrus notes and a fresh, almost herbaceous aftertaste.

+613 9489 8045

Trading Hours
everyday: 7am - 4pm

Cafe: 11/25
Coffee: 17/25

Bean Ground & Drunk

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  1. Walter Luciani says:

    Gee – didn’t realise this was just near my work. GREAT!

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