139 Rowe Street, Eastwood, NSW, 2122

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+612 9874 9624

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2 Responses to CAFE CENTRO

  1. sam yoon says:

    User Review:
    First thought came through my mind after a sip of ristretto here was “Le Monde(surry hills)” The house blend was extreamly creamy and oak wood smoke spreading in my mouth.. I felt there was great deal of S.american coffee in the blend. Now they will serve all black coffee ris/esp/dop/long blacks in single origin which changes time to time.. so if you like to try house blend in black pls ask the barista for it.. nice place to try if you can be far out west :)

    Cafe: 17/25
    Coffee: 20/25

  2. Sam Yoon says:

    User Review:
    Great coffee became greater! I am sooo please I live near this cafe! Food is now as god as the coffee! I personally find italian dishes were way better than Jamies italian in city! Regular turn around on single origin coffee and ofcause the dark horse from mecca is availiable too! Amazing consistant coffee and food! My fav lunch spot!!

    Coffee type: Mecca
    Cafe Score: 21/25
    Coffee Score: 22/25

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