202 Lyons Road, Drummoyne, NSW, 2047

A visit to Angela Jayne is a trip to Grandmother’s Cottage, from the little bell tinkling as we enter, to the quaint curlicues adorning the outdoor furniture as we leave. The small selection of seating includes cushy lounges (complete with doily-covered cushions) and a large wooden table for sharing.

‘But Grandmother, what a large selection of art you have!’ we exclaim. ‘All the better to showcase the work of local artists,’ is the reply. The eclectic selection includes everything from paintings of the Iron Cove Bridge to colourful ballerinas. If this mix is a little startling, it’s all too easy to relax in this little cocoon of cosy charm. A small menu offers customary cafe fare, such as banana bread, a brief breakfast range, sandwiches and more, and the staff are eager to please.

Sweet notes are present in the cappuccino, however, in my espresso the fruity, raspberry flavours are diluted by over-extraction -but then, Grandmothers tend to prefer tea, anyway.

+612 9181 1022

Trading Hours
mon - fri: 7.30am - 3.30pm sat: 7.30am - 2pm sunday closed

Cafe: 16/25
Coffee: 14/25

Toby's Estate

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One Response to ANGELA JAYNE

  1. Adam Long says:

    Fantastic coffee and the best priced and tasty breakfast I’ve had in Sydney to date. The sourdough bread is unique and so filling. Peter the owner is very friendly and eager to please.

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