78 Booth Street, Annandale, NSW, 2038


Picture a cafe with a rustic theme – tables and benches fashioned from aged wood and display shelves filled with teacups and preserving jars. Now imagine this decor has largely been sourced from the children’s section at IKEA. And you have the unique and fanciful interior of Clover. Playroom mobiles hang from the ceiling, while children’s teapots filled with crayons sit alongside toy cars.

Much like the decor, the food is a daring fusion of flavours. The Watermelon, Haloumi and Artichoke Pesto Salad is a sexy summer favourite; Homemade Baked Beans with Labna puts an exotic spin on a routine breakfast; and my Prosciutto, Mushroom and Brie Toasted Sandwich is a sure-fire winner.

My espresso has a potent, fruity aroma with a hint of spice. Its acidity is just as powerful, and enjoys an oily consistency with sharp, peppery notes. My latte has a vanilla aroma, the pepper subdued by the creamy milk. The best foil to eclectic decor is consistent coffee, and Clover’s is a rave-worthy combination.

Trading Hours
sun – wed: 6am – 3pm thur – sat: 6am – 10pm

Cafe: 20/25
Coffee: 21/25

Clover Blend

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