Shop 50, Strathfield Plaza, Strathfield, NSW

From among the spicy scents of Indian curry and coriander, a sudden rush of freshly ground coffee beans comes kicking through. This place in the heart of Strathfield picks up a good street trade -and much of its competing aromas; it’s a stark and welcome contrast to the myriad Asian stores and eateries that surround the cafe. This quaint space has some outdoor seating, but the prominent chandelier draws me to take a seat. The decor is filled with warm tones and a sleek European feel.

The staff are efficient and busy, pumping out coffee like assembly-line workers. I order at the counter and it promptly arrives. True to its name, my short black has a dark, thick crema that reveals a spicy aroma when stirred. The shot is certainly short, but the aftertaste is long, and leaves a gorgeous liquorice flavour. A lovely spiced note to compete with the street outside!

+612 9764 1840

Trading Hours
mon - fri: 6am - 10pm sat: 7am - 10pm sun: 8am - 10pm

Cafe: 15/25
Coffee: 17/25


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2 Responses to CAFE BAR MALDINI’S

  1. Anastasia says:

    their coffee is the best!! i get my fix here at least 3 times a week – I only work part time so not always in the area otherwise it would be my daily fix for sure! they are consistenly good and lovely team of staff!!

  2. Moses Cha says:

    User Review:
    Awesome design & surprisingly great coffee. Naked basket double ristrettoes. Synesso hydra!

    Coffee type: Belaroma Julius
    Cafe Score: 17/25
    Coffee Score: 19/25

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