400 Burwood Road, Belmore, NSW, 2192

Polished, colourful and inviting, this cafe stands at ease against the busy road and the chaos from its neighbouring fast-food joints.

Jobels offers a standard fare of on-the-go steak sandwiches, chicken schnitzels and bacon and egg rolls, uniting the local familiarity of takeaway with one of Sydney’s best coffee blends – Campos. This charming combination has clearly won over the weekday patrons of local businessmen, high schoolers and housewives who come into the cafe in flocks, while the weekend has the young folk out.

My espresso has a dark chocolaty aroma and a punchy acidity – a fresh batch of beans. The body is full, with bitter-sweet chocolate notes with a hint of citrus. The shot has a short finish with an earthy aftertaste. Despite the latte’s fudged presentation and its lukewarm temperature, it has a well-balanced body and marries an intense dark-chocolate aroma with a sublime, creamy finish.

+612 9759 6675

Trading Hours
mon - tue: 6am - 7pm wed - sun: 6am - 10pm

Cafe: 18/25
Coffee: 17/25

Campos Coffee

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