123 Katoomba Street, Katoomba, NSW, 2780

True to the Bean is a simple, straight to the point little waffle house. It serves waffles and coffee, and occasionally breaks the mould with some gluten-free cookies.

The staff are generous with welcomes as you take your place in the brightly lit, sparkling new cafe. Like a country town, the customers all ask after the staff, and have regular orders aplenty. The waffles arrive with Canadian maple syrup and ice cream, beautifully fluffy yet somehow crisp. Truly, theyĆ­re sweet-tooth heaven.

The barista holds up his end of the bargain, producing an espresso with a rich, dark crema and edgy acidity. The bright blend awakens the palate as cocoa and herby flavours are noted, while a smoky nutmeg aroma persists to the last drop. The macchiato that follows is a little too long; the espresso base cuts through the milk displaying its vibrancy. The blend complements the waffles gorgeously, making a borderline sugar-fest rich and sophisticated.

Trading Hours
mon - sat: 7am - 5pm sun: 8am - 4pm

Cafe: 18/25
Coffee: 17/25

Coffee Alchemy

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One Response to TRUE TO THE BEAN

  1. Bee izzfa says:

    Fantastic, beautiful acidity and aroma, compliments waffles amazingly well =]

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