323 Barrenjoey Road, Newport, NSW, 2106

The eclectic look of this funky cafe brings an inner-city vibe to the Northern Beaches. Sweet treats and pre-made panini are displayed behind a modern glass counter that sits upon an old and industrious wooden workbench. Other recycled bits and pieces busy the counter -along with the coffees.

There are plenty of staff and our order is taken immediately. We’re even handed a cute Ninja Turtle figurine in place of the usual, bland table number. Out back in the tranquil courtyard, the recycled theme continues -but mixed with more traditional al fresco decor to accommodate a variously aged clientele with comfort.

Within minutes, the coffees are delivered. The espresso’s crema seems meringued, with lots of tiny bubbles and a hint of liquorice. The immediate hit is sharp but nutty, and then a sweet, refined toffee-like aftertaste lingers pleasantly. A singular shot for a singular cafe.

+612 9999 1519

Trading Hours
mon - sat: 6am - 2pm sun: 7am - 2pm

Cafe: 19/25
Coffee: 20/25

Campos Coffee

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2 Responses to ZUBI

  1. J says:

    User Review:
    Have my morning coffee there every day! Love it! Such friendly staff!!!!!

    Coffee type: Campos
    Cafe Score: 23/25
    Coffee Score: 24/25

  2. Nevs says:

    User Review:
    Great coffee joint. If it’s a nice out, chilling in the courtyard garden is the go, especially if u get it when it’s quiet (unlikely). Staff are real pros , always bringing the best out of your classic campos blend. As a local and regular, I really hope zubi keeps its beachy charm.

    Coffee type: Campos coffee
    Cafe Score: 22/25
    Coffee Score: 22/25

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