136 Willoughby Road, Crows Nest, NSW, 2065


No time for chit chat but really need a coffee? This is the place for a quick fix.

Fabrik is a compact cafe, but has everything you need for a coffee and snack on the run. The menu hosts a variety sandwiches and muffins, and the prices are reasonable.

My espresso is served in an instant, and a burnt-toffee aroma wafts from the cup. The shot delivers a mild berry flavour with sharp acidity that pierces the palate. A macchiato to follow is artistically stained with a little love heart — no plain old dollops of froth here! A velvety crema with lots of little bubbles sits atop a robust body, and the aniseed aftertaste lingers enjoyably.

As if to pre-empt my review, the barista asks how it was — which is always a good sign. And the coffee lives up to the good service.

Trading Hours
mon - fri: 7am - 3.30pm sat: 7.30am - 3.30pm sunday closed

Cafe: 19/25
Coffee: 20/25

Di Gabriel

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2 Responses to FABRIK

  1. Mark says:

    User Review:
    I walked past at least half a dozen cafes that were doing a roaring trade on a busy Saturday morning to get here because of the review. The bloke running the show was more interested in reading the paper. Not again.

    Coffee type: Ducale
    Cafe Score: 5/25
    Coffee Score: 6/25
    Overall Score: 0.0 Beans

  2. Tom says:

    This review was done prior to the previous owner selling the business, as it was a very busy place with quality coffee and good friendly service.

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