224 Sydney Street, Willoughby, NSW

Just across from the Pub and right next to the funeral parlour,¬† Kalay’s Kitchen enjoys a lively corner position that comes alive during the day. The homely feel is created by warm earthy tones -not to mention a traditional breakfast menu of the eggs on toast variety.

There’s also risotto, pasta and soup for lunch, and it’s filling -home style. The Pumpkin, Spinach and Feta Risotto is rich and wholesome, while Chicken and Avocado on Pide is old-school generous and the perfect health-conscious treat.

The aroma of fresh coffee fills the cafe as a brand new packet of beans is poured into the grinder, and my espresso adds a note of cinnamon to the air. The crema is lush and velvety, full of tiny little bubbles — this is indeed a fresh batch. The light body doesn’t really do the crema justice; and the edgy, acid tones die down to leave a woody aftertaste across the palate.

+612 9417 0900

Trading Hours
mon - fri: 7am - 4pm sat: 7am - 4.30pm sun: 7.30am - 3pm

Cafe: 18/25
Coffee: 19/25

Di Gabriel

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One Response to KALAY’S KITCHEN

  1. M says:

    Disappointing cleanliness. Burned food. Coffee ok

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