Shop 4/280 King Street, Melbourne, VIC, 3000

Before I’m even inside, I’m feeling somewhat redundant. You see, the front door of this hidden city cafe is plastered with reviews and press mentions. Fortunately, there’s room (on the door) for one more.

A patient queue of corporates is another good sign, as is the shelf littered with awards and medals. They belong to Jess Hyde, a barista champion and part owner, and there’s a star-struck excitement in waiting for my prize-winning espresso.

While the champ calls out orders and dances behind a chrome La Marzocco, I inspect an elaborate coffee tasting wheel, along with syphons and tampers for sale on a back wall. With the wheel’s whirl of terms in my head, I take a sip of the espresso -perfect temperature, fragrant spice and chocolate aroma, well rounded mouthfeel and finish. It’s a serious coffee, and you can see why so many reviewers are angling to write this place up. Hopefully Jess isn’t yet tired of the same old rave reviews.

+613 9670 4002

Trading Hours
mon - fri:7am - 4pm saturday & sunday closed

Cafe: 19/25
Coffee: 20/25

Seven Seeds

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