166 Little Collins Street, Melbourne, VIC, 3000

Established in 1938, Quist’s boasts that it’s Melbourne’s oldest coffee roasting house. Behind the window display of artfully arranged coffee equipment is a small shop, filled with an intoxicating coffee aroma -along with everything an aficionado could ask for. Friendly, knowledgeable staff guide buyers through the machines, plungers, percolators, cups and utensils, as well as the variety of roasted beans for sale.

This is a take-away venue only, and there’s a steady strea of customers arriving for their caffeine hit (and complimentary almond biscuit). The floral and dark-chocolate notes of Miscela Italiana blend shine through in an elegant espresso. There is a lightness that should not be mistaken for wateriness. My latte, smelling of toasted nuts, is equally good: the rich, creamy flavour bursts onto the tongue, with a pleasant aftertaste. These are coffees to savour — so find a nearby seat and enjoy.

+613 9650 1530

Trading Hours
mon - fri: 9am - 5pm saturday & sunday closed

Cafe: 22/25
Coffee: 22/25

Quist's Coffee

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