120 Collins Street, Melbourne, VIC, 3000

With no signage or street presence, this coffee bar in the light-filled foyer of a Collins Street skyscraper caters more to office workers than to passing traffic. The fit-out is slick corporate: tastefully muted cream, black and greys mingle with low-slung leather couches, perfect for meetings. Perhaps because of the cathedral-like dimensions, there’s little background noise but still a sense of atmosphere.

Courteous staff, clad in stylish grey aprons, greet regulars by name, and the queues are long at peak times. However, the coffee is expensive ($3.80 for a regular) and uneven. My espresso is puckeringly bitter, its smoky aroma matched by a tarry taste. The latte, tasted on a separate visit, is creamy and less bitter but very hot. With cheaper and better coffee nearby, this place is better suited to caffeine-hit corporates than to dedicated coffee hunters.

+613 9663 9503

Trading Hours
mon - fri: 7am - 4.30pm saturday & sunday closed

Cafe: 16/25
Coffee: 9/25

Di Bella Coffee

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One Response to RED CUP CAFE

  1. Could Not Agree More says:

    This review is spot on! I’m surprised at the popularity of the place, but with a captive market in the offices above, I suspect the vast majority of the clientele would come from these offices.

    The only part of the review that I differ on is the courteous staff. Regrettably, I have had the experience of enduring unprofessional and inappropriate behaviour from one of the staff. Admittedly, the other staff have not put a foot out of place.

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