51 Bourke Street, Melbourne, VIC, 3000

The Mess Hall is a modern Italian cafe exuding raw funkiness. Many of the original fittings have been retained, while the furniture affords an almost Tuscan feel, with earthy colours and rustic woods. It’s a great spot to relax and watch the world go by.

The menu is very Italian, but with a modern take. The light and crisp Whitebait Fries, just like the decor, offer an ingenuous mix of old and new.

The espresso is presented in a simple but chunky demitasse, and a rich brown crema licks up the sides. With a flowery aroma, the espresso has a very strong front palate, matched by its acidity. It falls away from there to almost no rear palate at all and a short finish. A sharp shot indeed — almost overpowering.

The latte comes with an expertly formed rosetta. Even through the milk, the acidity shines. Fortunately, the finish is rounded by the milk, providing a more mellow experience.

+613 9654 6800

Trading Hours
mon - fri: 7am - 5pm sat - sun: 8am - 10pm

Cafe: 20/25
Coffee: 14/25


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2 Responses to THE MESS HALL

  1. Jack Soo says:

    User Review:
    Barista changing all the time so tasted different not stable .. Staffs are nice

  2. Jack Soo says:

    Barista changing all the time . So taste of coffee changing too .. Some cool / sometime not .. Staffs are nice.

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