45 Flinders Lane, Melbourne, VIC, 3000

Cumulus Inc

Despite its high-end reputation, Cumulus Inc. is warm, welcoming, and entirely without any pretension. Its buzzy vibe and excellent staff complement a funky layout, and light streams in through original steel-framed windows.

There’s a leather banquette along one wall and wooden tables in the centre, while solo diners or couples can choose from a round communal table or the marble bar overlooking the busy, quietly efficient kitchen.

Chef Andrew McConnell is justifiably famous for his superb food, but as much care and attention is paid to the coffee here. Made with Single Origin beans from Sydney, the espresso has an enticing fruity aroma. It has an intense flavour with notes of unsweetened cocoa and a touch of berries. The latte is lighter and more mellow, with caramel and nuts blended into the creamy milk. Got to love a restaurant that respects the bean -come for the food but linger for the coffee.

+613 9650 1445

Trading Hours
mon – fri: 7am – 11pm sat – sun: 8am – 11pm

Cafe: 23/25
Coffee: 22/25

Single Origin Roasters

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One Response to CUMULUS INC.

  1. Jack says:

    User Review:
    One of Melbourne’s great food, wine …and coffee experiences. Good ambience.

    Coffee type: Whatever it is it’s great!
    Cafe Score: 22/25
    Coffee Score: 21/25

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