221d Blyth Street, Brunswick East, VIC, 3057

New Day Rising is small; very small. Three tables and a window counter leave limited spots to park yourself, but a steady flow of patrons gives you a good chance of nabbing a seat. The Inner North cafe uniform of blonde wood and minimalist decor suits the cramped conditions, while the atmosphere is hip but friendly. Don’t try to bring a pram in here, but babies and kids (if they can find a seat) are certainly welcome. Though miniscule, the kitchen manages to produce an impressive array of hip, homey food, such as the CLT: a tasty combo of smoked coconut, rocket, tomato and avocado on a bagel base.

The Five Senses beans produce an espresso with a mild aroma and a light body. Don’t expect a punchy cup – enjoy the subtle emergence of its sweet floral flavour with ginger notes, which strengthens and lengthens with subsequent sips. This cafe may be small, but it’s not to be overlooked.

Trading Hours
mon - fri: 7:30am - 5pm sat - sun: 8am - 5pm

Cafe: 19/25
Coffee: 15/25

Five Senses

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