3a Edward Street, Brunswick, VIC, 3056

Sydney Road pulses through the north of Melbourne like an artery. A morning spent on the road can sap a traveller to leg-weariness, and the perfect tonic is Cafe 3A.

The noise abates and some kind of urban peace descends. It’s a tiny little shopfront with a few seats on the footpath and an unimposing interior that further calms the jangled nerve. Normally, an out-of-date magazine rack can be cause for criticism, but somehow the eclectic array of years-old design and gossip mags makes perfect sense here. It’s almost like you can engage in a little contemporary anthropology while you’re nursing your cup of java.

The coffee is an Ethiopian blend, roasted locally. A lively drop, it’s a low-viscosity, high-energy punch with a shortish finish and a hint of bitterness at the back of the palate. It’s enjoyable and just the thing before you resurface for an afternoon in the Sydney Road shops.

+613 9380 4996

Trading Hours
mon: 8am - 4pm wed - fri: 8am - 4pm sat - sun: 9am - 4pm tuesday closed

Cafe: 17/25
Coffee: 13/25


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