MART 130

107a Canterbury Road, Middle Park, VIC, 3206

Housed in a converted railway station which saw the last train rattle along to St Kilda in 1987, this cafe has a well-deserved reputation for its sumptuous breakfasts and lunches.

130 refers to the light rail stop directly out front; the terrace enjoys cooling breezes and a view of the trams sliding quietly by every so often. History buffs will enjoy poring  over the old map of Melbourne and its railways that hangs on a wall inside.

We take our espresso and latte outside, looking past the light rail to the Victorian glory of the Middle Park Hotel. The espresso is burnt toast on the palate and resolves into a not unpleasant ‘I smoked a cigar last night’ aftertaste that hangs around. It’s of medium viscosity and slightly oily. The latte is competent – certainly just the right temperature – with a soothing baked biscuit flavour; however, the crema is slightly thin and aerated, although it doesn’t spoil the experience.

+613 9690 8831

Trading Hours
everyday: 7am - 3pm

Cafe: 22/25
Coffee: 18/25

Genovese Coffee

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