103 Albion Street, Brunswick East, VIC, 3057

The name is intriguing. A riff on music, birds, children? Whatever it means, neither the location nor the decor are giving it away.

Albion Street isn’t the most pastoral of Brunswick locations, but the one-time milk bar is a charming abode for this busy eatery, even if it looks a little run-down from the outside. Inside, however, there’s a good menu to choose from (albeit bereft of any ‘minor’ clues).

My coffee’s crema is a rich, sandy colour and the nose is toasty with a hint of clove. The texture and flavour can’t be faulted, with a long, bitter finish after a citrus and caramel dose.

If a complaint could be raised, it’d be the slightly sniffy service. But maybe in this post-modern world of the gritty uber-cool, that’s not an accident.

Since reviewing, A Minor Place has changed their coffee to Wide Open Road

+613 9384 3131

Trading Hours
mon - sat: 8am - 5pm sun: 8.30am - 5pm

Cafe: 16/25
Coffee: 19/25

Wide Open Road

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  1. The Coffee Guide... says:

    User Review:
    The coffee at A Minor Place is now Wide Open Road Coffee roasted onsite at sister cafe ‘Wide Open Road’ in Brunswick.

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