8 Errol Street, North Melbourne, VIC, 3051

Errol Street’s scruffy appeal is mirrored in the ethos of Appetite Cafe. The green and white floor tiles date from some mysterious, prior occupancy; the pockmarked walls have been unceremoniously painted in pale green; and the furniture isn’t meant to be much more than tidy.

The menu looks straightforward too – the requisite big breakfast, hearty home-style pies and a range of melts – but despite this unassuming image, Appetite hits the mark where it matters most. They roast their own coffee (and sell beans for home). And those melts! The tuna example is studded with salty capers and olives, and sweetened up with a hint of red onion.

The house blend is extracted with a thin, tan crema, but the light-bodied espresso has real staying power, with fresh, peppery spice notes that invite a second cup.

+613 9328 4582

Trading Hours
sun - mon: 6am - 5pm tuesday closed

Cafe: 15/25
Coffee: 15/25

Appetite Blend

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