505 Church Street, Richmond, VIC, 3121

All it takes is seven grams to extract a rich espresso shot. And all it takes is a lead foot to zoom by and miss this express pit-stop. It’s not a milkbar, though its shopfront is as small.

It’s simply everything you want for a day on the go. Staff with a smile and service with speed. Tables stretch along the street for those with time to linger, while a mirror inside runs the length of a bench with vinyl stools, its reflection deliciously doubling each order.

The espresso is loaded, pungent, as sweetly sour as a green-skin grape. The aftertaste is tart and pronounced. The latte, with its lathered milk, is like sliding the senses into cruise control. Its scent is softer and more rounded, its flavour of walnut is stylishly smooth, with a swerving acidity to enliven the palate.

All it takes is seven grams, well tamped, to re-charge any day.

+613 9429 8505

Trading Hours
mon - fri: 6am - 4pm saturday & sunday closed

Cafe: 18/25
Coffee: 16/25


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