305 Bay Street, Brighton, VIC, 3186

Aptly named, this cosy cafe with its high-traffic coffee-dispensing window on North Brighton train station is a cocoon-like haven. It is not, we were relieved to discover, named for coffee’s interpretation of the tea bag; the Veneziano coffee is freshly ground a la minute.

With just a few indoor tables nestled side-by-side, the boundaries of social space are quickly invaded by a communal eating free for all. Stylishly clean lines are softened by earthy tones and lampshade lighting, with the sweet smell of home-baked muffins and the gurglings of a majestic La Marzocco in all her three-group glory. Trains’ bells and whistles fade out of earshot, unless you’re seated at the more generous smattering of kerbside tables.

A very short, oily espresso borders on a ristretto. Its floral, chocolate aroma is a precursor to an intense hit, quickly mellowed by the pleasant bitterness of dark chocolate. The aftertaste is long and harmonious – and nicely balanced like peas in a pod.

Trading Hours
mon - fri: 6am - 4pm sat: 6am - 2pm sun: 7pm - 2.30pm

Cafe: 17/25
Coffee: 19/25


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