Shop G217, Westfield Shoppingtown, Doncaster, VIC, 3108

Shopped-out fashionistas will find a caffeine hit here that’s a cut above the usual shopping-centre offerings. This cafe takes coffee seriously: as well as grinding and roasting its own beans, The Coffee Hit sells beans, utensils and books.

Situated in a light-filled atrium near upmarket grocery stores, Coffee Hit has a classy fit-out of dark timber furniture, with space for prams and shopping bags. There’s sandwiches and cakes for sale, but the coffee is the main attraction -and a genuine outer-suburban rival to inner-city institutions.

My very short espresso has an intense, spicy aroma that fills the mouth but fades quickly. In a long black, the initial tobacco aroma fades into a mellow, slightly earthy taste that doesn’t linger, while the latte, full of caramel and nuts, is an easy-sipping palate pleaser. If only my credit card could recharge so easily.

+613 9840 7725

Trading Hours
sat - wed: 8.30am - 5pm thur - fri: 8.30am - 8pm

Cafe: 17/25
Coffee: 16/25

The Coffee Hit Blend

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One Response to THE COFFEE HIT

  1. Damian says:

    User Review:
    A lotta love goes into their coffee. When in Doncaster it’s the only place to go.

    Coffee type: Own
    Cafe Score: 15/25
    Coffee Score: 22/25

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