95 Whitehorse Road, Balwyn, VIC, 3103

Snow Pony

It may be named after the address, or it might be a reference to the Alison Lester book of the same name perched on the counter – either way you’ll be saying Giddy-up!

The decor exudes a studied air of the arty olde-world, from the communal table and industrial light-fittings to changing displays of artwork and jazz crooning in the background. Regulars are greeted by name, ordering buttery Noisette pastries or signature ‘smashed avocado’ breakfasts as we sneak through the Parisian-cafe middle room to the hidden back courtyard.

Here in the sunshine we sink into tart Allpress coffee. My neat espresso arrives short, dark and handsome, wafting roast walnuts. It wakes me up with a surprisingly bright, fresh tang followed by a sharp finish, and it’s a decisive start to the day. The muted soy latte is mellower, with light nuttiness ending on a gently bitter note – a welcome accompaniment to sweet breakfast banana bread. Better order another round, because it looks like this pony’s heading for a trifecta.

+613 9816 8911

Trading Hours
mon – fri: 8am – 4pm sat – sun: 8.30am – 4pm

Cafe: 21/25
Coffee: 19/25

Allpress Espresso

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