70 Mitchell Street, Northcote, VIC, 3070

As the name suggests, there’s red door, and it was once a corner store. Today, it’s like a Nanna’s kitchen wonderland of baking bric-a-brac. Cooling racks, teapots and colanders vie for space like some olde-world show-and-tell, much of it in the signature red.

The front counter is piled high with glass bells of house-baked gingerbread, as well as sticky tarts and cakes. But behind these treats, the real star of the show rumbles away: a shiny La Marzocco. There’s a queue of locals for the Gravity brew, and we’re interested to note it’s 20 cents off for BYO cups.

And on this corner, they make a mean, short macchiato. Arriving with a perfect white dot of milk froth, it fills the mouth with soft tones of scorched toffee, and lingers long on the palate. The nutty soy latte is no less of a joy, and teases with hints of roasted nuts. Better order some home-made crumpets and settle in for another round -and it’s cash only, so come prepared.

+613 9489 8040

Trading Hours
mon - fri: 7am - 5pm sat: 8am - 4pm sun: 8am - 3pm

Cafe: 22/25
Coffee: 22/25

Gravity Coffee

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  1. Peter says:

    User Review:
    Fantastic shots and good to sample the famous Maling Room coffee in the northern subs. Made with care and a no rush approach ensures the perfect short mac with interesting single origins available. A place worth a try if you love good espresso and a gourmet breakfast.

    Coffee type: Maling room
    Cafe Score: 18/25
    Coffee Score: 23/25

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