APTE (A Place To Eat)

538 Heidelberg Road, Alphington, VIC, 3078

The creative conversion of old milk bars is one of the happy side-effects of the otherwise lamentable demise of the neighbourhood corner store. Apte is a prime example -and a very popular one at that. Located on Heidelberg Road, this bright and breezy cafe has an enthusiastic young staff, a crisp, clean fit-out and a gorgeous sunny courtyard garden.

My espresso is big on the palate, all citrusy orange and clove, with an inky viscosity, reasonably short finish and mid-bitter aftertaste. The latte is less impressive, mainly due to a coarse crema and slightly overcooked milk.

There is a suitably reliable, if not terribly adventurous dining menu that certainly proves a winner with the locals.
The biggest complaint, however, is the road noise. An investment in a sound-dampening front fence would pay lovely, tranquil dividends.

+613 9482 2991

Trading Hours
everyday: 8am - 4pm

Cafe: 17/25
Coffee: 14/25

5 Senses Coffee

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