Shop 17, Cosmopolitan Centre, Double Bay, NSW, 2028

Joining the relaxed clientele, we sit back on one of the wicker chairs just outside Michael’s Charcuterie and embrace the casual elegance of Double Bay. The street in front of us is lined with fashion boutiques, and we’ve got the perfect seat for watching the window-shoppers.

The ambience inside is clean cut, fresh and gourmet. The service remains swift and friendly during the lunch rush, and creative salad-and-sandwich combinations prove popular with local office-workers.

My short black reveals a tantalising spicy aroma and hints at floral and nutty undertones. It has an indulgent acidity which is finely balanced with a rich and lush mouthfeel; the shot ebbs, eventually, into a lovely, lingering aftertaste. I’m pleased to find the vibrancy of the espresso isn’t lost to the latte’s gorgeous creamy milk, but instead provides the perfect foundation. In all, a great cafe – for a charcuterie.

+612 9327 4405

Trading Hours
mon - sat: 6am - 5pm sunday closed

Cafe: 20/25
Coffee: 19/25

Calima Coffee

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  1. Amanda says:

    An AMAZING place to sip a great coffee and enjoy some tasty treats while enjoying people watching! Love this place
    5 Stars

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