92 Abercrombie Street, Chippendale, NSW, 2008

Pressing ourselves up against the counter, we line up to order and pay in this bustling inner-city cafe. The queue isn’t such a bad thing, however, as it gives us a chance to trawl through the mammoth blackboard menu behind the counter -it occupies an entire wall, and the choices are as crammed together as the coffee-goers.

You can get away from the sardine squeeze in a shady courtyard, or get up close to the action in booths or counter stools. There’s no pretension here and it’s hard not to feel at home among the motley crew of staff and their equally motley customers.

So -to the coffee. My espresso echoes the rough and tumble feel of the joint, with a lemony flavour that puckers up the lips. No-one dresses up to come here, and the coffee, likewise, is raw and untamed -the perfect wake-up call.

+612 9698 4424

Trading Hours
tue - fri: 6.30am - 4pm sat - sun: 8am - 3pm monday closed

Cafe: 18/25
Coffee: 18/25

The Coffee Roaster

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One Response to CAFE GIULIA

  1. tom says:

    theyre open monday as well now!

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