Shop 1/210 Clovelly Road, Clovelly, NSW, 2031

Immediately, there’s a lot to take in: shelves filled with jars of pickles; sourdough piled high on wire racks; baskets of baby pumpkins on wooden tables that scream rustic charm. And it can all be a little confusing for the first-time customer. Do we sit and order breakfast? Buy some brie at the counter? Peruse the shelves for produce? The friendly floor-staff assure us all options are encouraged.

We settle for coffee at the large communal table, and relax in the airy deli/cafe. The flat white is sweet and mild, an unobtrusive accompaniment to Clodeli’s hearty breakfast dishes such as Chorizo Tagine. But the espresso is the star hitter here. Rich and thick, it tastes of strawberries and cream with a champagne fizz that tingles on the tongue. The only thing missing is some crusty bread and prosciutto to nibble on, but that’s easily fixed with a quick trip to the counter.

Note for next time: don’t head to Clodeli without a shopping list.

+612 9664 1885

Trading Hours
mon - sat: 6.30am - 5pm sun: 7.30am - 5pm

Cafe: 20/25
Coffee: 19/25

Allpress Espresso

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