Shop 2/7 Macquarie Place, Sydney, NSW, 2000

This downtown joint attracts both CBD lunch traffic and sight-seeing pit-stops, so expect a diverse crowd of suits and sandals. As the cafe’s entire seating area is outdoors, the surrounding sounds of Circular Quay invade its lively harbourside ambiance.

Order some sour cherry bread to accompany your coffee, soak up the sun and enjoy the friendly and efficient service Utopia has to offer.

My Allpress espresso has an alluring, nut-like aroma. Its perfectly oily body lies beneath a caramel coloured crema, and possesses a sharp, vibrant acidity. The flavour is spicy and floral with not even a hint of bitterness, leaving a delicious aftertaste. The latte is well presented, adorned with some beautiful coffee art. Its aroma is deceptively sugary with a hint of vanilla, and the flavour recalls of burnt toffee. With a thick viscosity and bright acidity, it’s a coffee lover’s utopia.

Trading Hours
mon - fri: 6.30am - 3.30pm saturday & sunday closed

Cafe: 19/25
Coffee: 22/25

Allpress Espresso

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4 Responses to UTOPIA COFFEE

  1. Ross Georges says:

    This is by far the best coffee in Sydney. I walk three blocks daily to get a consistently good coffee and to be greeted by friendly staff.

  2. Sam yoon says:

    User Review:
    My ristretto had nice acidity yet was lacking in body. Body was much lighter like espresso and they seemed pull around 50ml for the double. It was more closer to espresso. Guys were friendly and had nice range of dolche.

    Coffee type: Alpress
    Cafe Score: 18/25
    Coffee Score: 15/25

  3. Thomas D says:

    User Review:
    This place is crap. It looks the part, but the coffee is slightly below average made with poor barista skills. It does not deserve the Coffee Guide rating. New owners? Half decent cafĂ© for a pit stop, but don’t bother coming here for coffee. Go visit Mecca or Single Origin instead for a great cup of coffee.

    Coffee type: All press
    Cafe Score: 9/25
    Coffee Score: 9/25

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