Black is the new black

Latte fever has run its course, and the rise of local roasters with rare beans is swelling the ranks of espresso purists. Does the coffee drinker care about the rosetta in their cappuccino or are the flavours of a rare single origin more important. What do you prefer in a cup and barista? Is latte art as important as the perfect extraction?

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3 Responses to Black is the new black

  1. Dan says:

    I’ve always enjoyed the merits of a well-presented latte/cap/piccolo. It can show an attention to detail and technique that I always look for in a barista. Also milk-based drinks are still the best way to introduce newcomers to coffee. It’s not often I’ve seen someone leap straight into ristrettos for their first coffee experience and enjoy it. So it’s natural to want to build on that by making the drinks as attractive to the eye as they should be to our taste buds.

    Whilst a good extraction is the basis for anything that goes over the top of it, and beautiful latte art will do little to hid the imperfections in a poorly extracted espresso, I still believe that artwork can be just as important

  2. DJM says:

    presentation is important but you dont want something that is all style and no substance.

  3. Tim says:

    i used to be a big latte drinker, but lately it has been double ristretto for me, especially when I have single estates. Mixing milk with and single origin or single estate is just wrong.

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