Stand and deliver

We’ve ditched the Italian-style coffee, but we’re about to usher in the Italian espresso bar – stocked with fresh Aussie roasts. Thanks to the customised blend, there’ll be fewer of those branded umbrellas, seats and windbreakers around, and courtesy of that exhibitionistic streak, we all want a piece of the action.

Italians don’t fumble through the cold wobbling hot coffee to their chapped lips. They drink inside, standing up. And with that many sassy Australian baristas around, we’re surprised this hasn’t already exploded. As coffee drinkers increasingly appreciate the likes of customised blends and single origins, they’ll want to sip them in peace – or at least while chatting at an espresso bar – rather than dosing up on caffeine like a dietary supplement on the city streets.

Will there be more ‘pit-stop’ cafes, where lazy about or grabbing a takeaway or frowned upon? We think so.

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5 Responses to Stand and deliver

  1. Walter Luciani says:

    It would be great if having a coffee didn’t mean I had to schedule in 20 minutes – bring on the espresso bar.

  2. David D. says:

    Conversing with people I work and socialise with, there is definitely a market for espresso-like bars. They will certainly get my business.

  3. DJM says:

    great idea. easier to duck in and out for a quick espresso shot

  4. Glenn says:

    No way in the world is most parts of sydney ready for the hole in the wall espresso bar….i am testament to that. Check out Cammeray (Abbott Street Espresso). Best coffee by a country mile but the locals still want their boiling, big fat frothy caps & lattes at the outdated coffee shop across the road.
    Educated on coffee in Sydney?? I dont think so…

  5. Stu says:

    Abbott Street Espresso is great – it’s been there 8 weeks…and I only just found it!

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