Customised Blend

Imported coffee blends are out, as locals continue to outperform them thanks to fresher beans brewed at their optimal time. But when luxury becomes commonplace, and ‘freshly roasted’ is no longer the rarity but the rule, cafes have to turn to signature blends to maintain their place in the pressurised coffee scene.

The House Blend has made its home in Australian cafes, as boutique roasters cook up signature styles that stand out from the growing tide of run-of-the-mill roasteries. When everybody’s touting sassy banter and industrial chic, it’s time to pluck out the 11 secret herbs and spices. Are the days of the large factory roaster numbers? What do you think?

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5 Responses to Customised Blend

  1. DJM says:

    illy is the best coffee in the world – if you’re drinking it in rome. as long as the product is good and FRESH there is a place for it, be it customised or not

  2. Muzz says:

    Local blends are good but it is the person behind the machine that makes the difference, beans have a personality and one must interpret the best way to extract the gold from each type, whether local or imported.

    As they say in Rome, give the man a Ferrari but if he aint Fernando Alonso, he aint going to go the fastest!

  3. Anthony says:

    Lots of people like to experiment by putting different coffee beans. Locals beans are improving to give the public more choose in the beans they choose. the large factories will still exist mainly due to goodwill and reputation.

  4. Charles says:

    Agree that the barista’s skill accounts for a large % of the quality of the coffee providing the beans are of acceptable quality. I can appreciate good coffee blends can be sourced both locally and from o/s – blend provenance not a real drama for me but good to see the local content. Problem these days is that there are so many cafes (eg in the CBD) however few can achieve a convergence of all criteria that make a cafe great – i.e experienced barista producing consistently good coffee, ambience and friendly service…the coffee blend tends to be the least of their worries.

  5. gordon says:

    well I do understand the romance associated with drinking an exotic blend of four or maybe even more globally grown beans…much like the old school thought of overseas wines vs Australian wines…but as it is being discovered more and more every day( was Australias best kept secret), the humble Australian grown bean, served as a single origin is outperforming some of the most complex blends and without that Robusta caff hit Back in 1999 an australian estate single origin bean won gold against over 80 exotic overseas blends…and as a bonus it is grown here in Australia-it is grown chemically free-it is ‘fair traded’ and it is the healthiest coffee that you as a consumer can drink..ask your Roaster to pay the premium and order some in and support an Australian Farmer.

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