Price of Coffee to Increase?

The Coffee Guide was recently quoted in a Sun Herald article on the price of a cup of coffee. We spoke to a lot of roasters, brokers and cafes and we think that the price could go up by as much as 15%. What can prevent this is competitition between roasters (which is pretty fierce) and competition between cafes. The question we ask is how much are you prepared to pay for a cup? Will you cut down on your caffeine hits or are we too addicted to care?

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One Response to Price of Coffee to Increase?

  1. Pete says:

    I’ve been charging $3.80 for reg & $4.20
    mugs & have had no problems. Most are
    charging 3.50, 3.30 & even $3 for reg
    they r killing themselves & the cafe
    industry… I was paying $3 10 or more
    years ago,, reality is, we should be
    charging at least $4.50 to $5 a cup,,,
    now the music industry has made us
    charge a compulsory fee look give all
    the artists security,what we need is u
    guys maybe to guide all baristas &
    owners all over Aussie what we all
    should charging for cups of coffee!!
    Milk always goes up twice a year!!
    We have do get with it before our water
    rates will cost more than what we charge
    for coffees!!!!
    double shot latte with choc top

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