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Barista of the Week… Ben D’emden

Barista of the Week… Ben D’emden, head barista Campos Coffee, 193 Missendon Road, Newtown The Coffee Guide (TCG): If you weren’t a barista what would you be? Ben: If I wasn’t a barista I’d be an international fruit dealer, for … Continue reading

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65 Degrees

The north-eastern end of Exhibition Street seems an unlikely home for a world champion barista. But even though it’s away from the main CBD shopping strips, this small cafe is a hit with those in the know. Simply follow the … Continue reading

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St Ali is to Melbourne as Mocha is to Yemen, except that this famed coffee trading spot is bustling with professionals and fashionables on their way to work. ThereĆ­s a fevered hubbub of coffee-questers is this warehouse tavern, mingling around … Continue reading

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