Shop 2/137 Flora Street, Sutherland, NSW, 2232

White Horse Coffee

I’m expecting great things from this new espresso bar in the retail centre of Sutherland, with its minimalist, dark-timbered interiors enlivened by the whirr of grinders and the swish of milk. The scent of espresso fills the air, along with the soft chatter of brooding customers; this place really brings a much-needed cool to Sutherland.

In my short black, smooth pepper lifts from under a thick caramel crema, with a voluminous flavour of caramelised fruits that fills the palate. Smooth, velvety espresso rolls around the tongue and leaves a devilishly rich, spicy aftertaste. The flat white is equally impressive: artistically served and expertly prepared for a strong, biting flavour that’s exceptionally drinkable.

Currently under development, the coming roastery will be an exciting new phase for the enthusiastic team. But then, it’s already a one-horse race.

Trading Hours
mon – fri: 5.30am – 5.30pm sat: 5.30am – 3pm sunday closed

Cafe: 22/25
Coffee: 23/25

White Horse Coffee


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