16 Glebe Point Road, Glebe, NSW, 2037

Clipper Cafe

For character that’s coming out of the walls, Clipper is a must. The inner city community feel is set in a cheery timber space where old objects get a second lease on life -knick-knacks, old-fashioned bicycles, and even longnecks for water bottles. While the space may feel retro, the free wi-fi and Clipper fanclub on Facebook suggest the cafe is far from stuck in the past.

There’s a long communal table layered with newspapers, laptops and textbooks -not to mention breakfast, from an extensive menu which includes the popular baked eggs and filling smoothies.

The coffee at Clipper is a unique blend, and its spicy cinnamon flavours are worth savouring. The espresso cup is a chubby ceramic number – entirely too thick for the delicate coffee – yet the sharp and tingly notes come through nonetheless. And just as Clipper gives new life to tired objects, its coffee revives the tired customer.

Trading Hours
everyday: 6am – 6pm

Cafe: 22/25
Coffee: 21/25

Clipper Blend


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