83 Foveaux Street, Surry Hills, NSW, 2010

Le Monde

Several coffee-goers are lined up for takeaway, and several more take cosy refuge among the newspapers and magazines. And why not? Le Monde has an inviting atmosphere of bronze furnishings and chocolate-coloured walls.

The food is well priced and made from high-quality, ethical produce. Breakfast is rave-worthy, but only available until noon on weekdays. The lunch menu, while not extensive, consists of salads, pasta and exciting fusion sandwiches -mine contains baked ricotta, caramelised onion, roast capsicum and pesto in soy and linseed bread, and it’s downright sexy.

My espresso has an enticing aroma of roasted nuts; its oily body complements the robust, praline-like flavour. The latte which follows is just as enjoyable, with a velvet consistency  and sweet, vanilla taste that stays with me long after finishing. With a changing range of single origins to try; be it in espresso, filtered or Clover form -Le Monde is a cafe to keep coming back to.

+612 9211 3568

Trading Hours
mon – fri: 6.30am to 4pm sat : 7.30am to 2pm sunday:closed

Cafe: 23/25
Coffee: 23/25

5 Senses Coffee


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3 Responses to LE MONDE

  1. Sam yoon says:

    User Review:
    Amazing control coffee. Great own blend + regular change in single origin on offer. From hand drip to clover whatever your coffee is they have it all!! Ristretto has thick and creamy body. Then you are introduced to amazing le momde blend. If you are into drip coffe you must try “magic dripper” o! And lunch is also to die for! One of the best cafe in Aust

    Coffee type: Le monde blend
    Cafe Score: 23/25
    Coffee Score: 22/25

  2. Angela says:

    User Review:
    I had heard the coffee was really good and i wasn’t disappointed. Presentation was original and flavor was full bodied. One of the best !!

    Coffee type: Five senses
    Cafe Score: 25/25
    Coffee Score: 25/25

  3. Nevs says:

    User Review:
    A damn good cup. Went here to see what the fuss was all about. Now I know. If ur in the city, check it out.

    Coffee type: 5 senses
    Cafe Score: 21/25
    Coffee Score: 24/25

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